Support groups and befriending sessions

Express your feelings

Feel safe

Be understood

Do your days pass you by without you even realising?

  • Do you wake up with no motivation?
  • Do you feel restless?
  • Do you have constant stress?
  • Do you hear scary voices?
  • Do you have something nagging you?
  • Do you even love yourself?

“I have been attending these online support meetings since the start of COVID and it’s really helped me keep in touch with other people and manage my anxiety better. I feel less alone and actually notice growth in me. Having these meetings made lockdown so much easier to handle.”

Safe spaces for you to work through what’s on your mind without judgement

Rain On Me currently provides two confidential, services to support you when you’re feeling lonely, stressed, anxious or have mental health challenges (you don't need to be clinically diagnosed). If you’d like to meet others with similar experiences, we facilitate free peer support meetings, virtually and in-person. If being in a social setting feels too much right now, we offer a 1-2-1 befriending service to help you socialise and share your challenges, in a private safe environment.

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Support meetings

FREE peer support

Our support groups are where you can truly be open and free to talk about whatever you want, and feel heard and accepted.

This free support group is led by like-minded volunteers. Most people are aged 18-35, but we never turn anyone away. You are welcome to come and vent with us.

You can even bring a friend.

All our support groups
are free to attend although we do appreciate any donations.

Are the sessions confidential?

All discussions are completely confidential unless your safety is at immediate risk. Please note no sessions are recorded.

Who will I meet?

These are small groups, intentionally, to give everyone time to speak – and listen. There is space for up to 12 people in each group. ​Our virtual groups are attended by people around the world, from many different cultures.

What happens at a Raining session?

The sessions are structured around a different topic every time and we use therapeutic arts and exercises to raise self awareness encourage acceptance and change. Each session is different however and we allow flexibility to adapt the session to the needs of the individuals attending on that day.

Who runs the groups?

You session will be facilitated by volunteer members of the Rain On Me team who have lived experience of mental health challenges. Don’t worry, while we have doctors and mental health professionals on our advisory board to guide us, there’s no-one telling you what to do or say.

Can I bring my parents?

No family members are allowed attend the sessions as it can be difficult opening up in front of them.

Where are the sessions held?

Our international groups are run over Zoom – so you will need a good connection to the internet to join. Our face to face groups welcome young people from across London. 

Can I turn up late?

Please try to be on time – we know things get in the way, but late arrivals disrupt the flow of the session for other participants.   Latecomers will be allowed to join for up to 10 minutes into the meeting at which point the meeting will be locked.

Do I have to have my camera on for virtual sessions?

Please have your video on for privacy reasons. You don’t have to do the exercises if you don’t feel comfortable joining in, but please let us know in advance.

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1-2-1 Befriending sessions

Low-cost listening service

Our private befriending service is ideal for young people who feel too anxious to share their thoughts with others in a group setting right now. Or perhaps you are just looking for a friendly face to turn to.

Rain On Me Befrienders can support you on your terms, in 1-2-1 sessions. You decide how you want to use the time you book with us – that way you can make sure your befriending session is always tailored to what feels right for you, on that day.

Befriending sessions are bookable by the hour. We appreciate donations for our sessions as we use this to cover basic expenses like travel. If cost is a barrier, please discuss this with us, we may be able to make alternative arrangements.

How do people use befrienders?

This is entirely up to you. It could be a walk in the park, someone to go to the cinema with or even someone to sit with in a café and spend some time sketching with. You can use our time in whatever way feels comfortable to you and know you have someone who you can speak freely with who will listen to you with empathy and without judgment. Likewise, if you don’t have much to say when we meet but it helps just being out and in company, that’s fine too.

Rain On Me will cover reasonable expenses of the befriender so these will not be an additional burden for you.

What if I change my mind on the day?

When you book a befriender you will be asked to pay a small deposit to secure our time. However, we do understand that on more challenging days your appointment may feel unmanageable. Providing you let us know in plenty of time we will be happy to reschedule this for another day. Unfortunately we will be unable to issue a refund.

Can I bring someone else with me?

We understand it can be nerve wracking to meet someone alone, especially for the first time, so if you would like to bring someone with you please do. Please let us know in advance who you will be bringing along.

I don’t know how to use the time

Don’t worry, sometimes just committing to going out can feel like a big enough challenge. If you’d like us to make suggestions for how we can spend the time we are more than happy to do so. We love creating activities that have a focus on art. This gives you something to focus on during our time.

If you need more information about any of our services please get in touch with our team who will be happy to guide you.

The exercises that Deep leads us through are super helpful. They can shift your thinking about your life and everybody in the group is so understanding. The support group is an incredibly positive space. Most people feel comfortable speaking up but there is never any pressure to share. I’d really recommend this group to anyone on a healing journey.


It was an absolute feeling of relief to know that many others struggle with their mental health and function. They go to work, they have friends, relationships, just like I do. But these things come with added hardships provoked by mental health issues. The activities and safe space created around you leave me feeling very peaceful. The group has truly changed my life.


At Rain On Me you can expect:

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No expectation
of commitment

There is never any pressure to attend regularly, although those that do enjoy the greatest benefit.

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We all understand what it’s like to struggle with your mental health and feel misunderstood.

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This is a safe space to be authentic, vulnerable, true to your feelings and discover who you want to be.

You know when you just need people to talk to? Rain on me is that place. If you're feeling isolated, lonely and don't know where to begin - Rain on me is that place. Take a risk - it'll be worth it.


My life has been a rollercoaster for the last year, but going to a raining session made me feel like I'm not alone and that I can get through this.


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Rediscover your inner strength

  1. START – You’ve taken a powerful step forward in visiting the Rain On Me website. The next step is simple. Attend a group for free or request a 1-2-1 befriending session for a small fee.

  2. SHARE – Be in the welcoming company of others who understand how alone mental health challenges can leave you feeling. We’ll take your lead on how much or how little you feel comfortable sharing with us. Just know that you can and that we will accept you whatever you share.

  3. LEARN – Feel empowered in the presence of people you can turn to without fear and rediscover your inner strength to manage your mental health challenges and daily life with confidence.

Discover what you're really capable of

Life's too short to let toxic thoughts hold you back from being the person you want to be. Join our community and see how peer support and companionship can empower you with the confidence you need to live your life authentically.