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“I have been attending these online support meetings since the start of COVID and it’s really helped me keep in touch with other people and manage my anxiety better. I feel less alone and actually notice growth in me. Having these meetings made lockdown so much easier to handle.”

How Rain On Me was born, from our founder

Rain On Me was founded from an acute understanding of how difficult life can be living with mental health struggles as a young person.

I spent most of my childhood in a state of anxiety. My mind wouldn’t switch off. I constantly worried what others would think of me. At night I was afraid to be alone with my demons and could only rest once I knew my parents were awake. Eventually I reached rock bottom, exhausted by my condition.

I was diagnosed with OCD, ADHD, general anxiety disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. But my healing truly came not from the professional help or medication I received - but from sharing my thoughts with like-minded young people. Once a fortnight, I set up chairs in an empty room in East London inviting other young people in the same situation to come along and have the freedom to talk openly in a safe space. Gradually, they came. And kept coming back. Together we were able to end the sense of isolation that had consumed us. We were no longer alone and felt empowered to go on.

From that humble beginning Rain On Me has evolved into an international support hub for young people around the world to check in and vent their thoughts without risk of judgement or consequence. Our journey is ongoing, and ambitious. Please join us on it.

Deepanshi Gulati, founder of Rain On Me

Our team

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Deepanshi K Gulati,

Since starting Rain On Me in 2018, Deepanshi Gulati has become a certified Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aider. She is an Ambassador for MQ Mental Health Research, on the Youth Board at Calzy Foundation and a Trustee to the charity, LAPIS (London Accessibility Psychotherapy & Inclusive Supervision). She works at Mind as a Peer Support Worker and also at the Royal College of Psychiatrists as a Peer Reviewer. Deepanshi has completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Therapeutic Arts and is currently a Trainee Psychotherapist. She has dedicated her life to creating safe spaces for herself and others.

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Dr Charlotte Kenny

Charlotte will be offering the team with invaluable insight into the NHS, other public health services and day to day stresses people are expressing about their wellbeing. Charlotte is passionate about mental health awareness having experienced struggles herself through the stresses of day to day life, especially when she was a junior doctor.
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Dr Tristaca McCray
Advisory Board

P.H.D Founder of Nerds Rule Inc, USA 2016 White House Award "Global Change Maker" Award Member of the United Nations

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Dr Moushumi Baruah
Advisory Board

MBBS, BSc, DFSRH, DRCOG, MRCGP, PGCert Director of Culinary Medicine UK and Health Coach

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Ruth Rogers
Advisory Board

Founder of the Canvas Cafe

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Harshdeep Singh Gulati
Advisory Board

Business Intelligence Analyst at NEST

We also have a wonderful team of volunteers who support us with the day to day tasks that keep our safe spaces going. Contact us if you'd like to offer your skills and time!

Our mission

  • To give access to as many participants as possible by expanding our groups both face to face and online.
  • To relieve the pressure on public health services such as the NHS, by allowing individuals with mental health struggles to find support in a community-based initiative.
  • To build a safe, non-judgemental space where people can vent about their challenges, feel less alone and more understood.
  • To help minimise stigma and discrimination by normalising mental health struggles and empowering individuals to do good for themselves and others.

Support groups run by like-minded peers, For young people struggling with mental health, daily life or loneliness

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Our vision for the future

Our online meetings during the pandemic has allowed Rain On Me to reach young people around the world. It has opened our own eyes to the need to help so many more people than we ever envisaged. We are currently exploring a number of opportunities for the future so we can continue to progress and serve the community.

Watch this space as we grow.

Please contact us if you'd like to offer your support.

There is no pressure to attend each and every session. I have only been to one session and it has helped me so much. It made me feel better to know that I am not struggling alone and there are people who understand me.


Rainonme helped me through a very difficult time and has helped improve my confidence tremendously. The sessions were well constructed and thought through in a very trusted and private space.


Many thanks to our supporters for helping us reach more young people

How you can engage with Rain On Me

Supporting you

Rain On Me offers free support sessions, as well as low cost befriending services for individuals. We also deliver presentations, support sessions and workshops to schools, colleges, universities and youth groups

Supporting us

As a not-for-profit organisation Rain On Me is grateful for your support. The keys ways you can help are by making a donation and sharing our posts on Instagram to spread the word about the support we offer.

Partnering with us

Corporate partners are invaluable in aiding and developing our work. If your organisation is interested in supporting Rain On Me, we are actively seeking sponsorship and welcome the opportunity to speak with you.