Attend a support group online or in-person in London

Do you feel like your days are passing you by? Too much work to do? No work at all? Expectations and responsibilities dragging you down? Feeling down, anxious or unmotivated?

Need someone to talk to? A place to vent and grow?

We are here for you.

(There’s no obligation to attend each session.)

It is where you can truly be open and free to talk about your experiences, and feel heard and accepted. This group is led solely by like-minded volunteers with lived experience. Each meeting focuses on a different topic and uses therapeutic arts to raise self awareness and encourage acceptance and change. We cover topics like anger, forgiveness, self-confidence, family, conflict resolution, self-love etc.

Our attendees are usually aged 18-35 (although we welcome adults of all ages). You don't need to be clinically diagnosed with anything to attend. All discussions are completely confidential (unless your safety is at immediate risk). There is space for only 10-15 people in each meeting. We will provide you with the materials required for the in-person sessions. This is a free session although we do appreciate any donations as it helps us maintain this safe space.

The London Support Meeting will take place on the last Sunday of every month (IN-PERSON).  The International Support Meeting will take place on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month (ONLINE). We've also started a space for South-Asians to connect and share personal experiences. We hope to continue growing our groups through your donations and support! For more info or to book see below-