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Helping students build self awareness and resilience to overcome stress and maintain good mental health



Support groups

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Equip your students to become focused, confident and engaged

Mental health struggles can start young and have an ever-lasting impact on a person's life. Self-aware and resilient students are better equipped to overcome their daily stress and obstacles. But these are skills that many young people need support with to learn effectively in order to reach their potential. Our workshops encourage students to empower each other so they don’t have to find their inner strength alone.

“I have been attending these online support meetings since the start of COVID and it’s really helped me keep in touch with other people and manage my anxiety better. I feel less alone and actually notice growth in me. Having these meetings made lockdown so much easier to handle.”

Empowering young people to take ownership of their lives

Rain On Me workshops aim to develop gratitude and empathy within individuals so we can learn to be kinder to ourselves and others. Because mental health struggles can shape our whole life we tackle this by raising self-awareness and building resilience. Our workshops better equip students to cope with whatever curveballs life throws at them. We follow a person-centred approach, sharing experiences but not offering advice, empowering them to make their own decisions and take charge of their lives.

We offer a range of interventions for schools, colleges, universities and youth organisations that can be tailored to your unique needs

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Schools & Colleges

  • Assembly presentations and webinars
  • Fortnightly Support group sessions
  • Workshops
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  • Talks and Webinars
  • Fortnightly Support group sessions
  • Workshops

We are happy to discuss further and curate a personalised package to cater to your students’ individual needs.

Some of the topics we cover:

Our Talks and assembly presentations can be delivered face-to-face or online. Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Resilience
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Exam stress
  • Worrying signs and how to emotionally support someone
  • How to look after your Mental Health
  • Setting healthy boundaries
Rain on me website

About our support group sessions

Our support group sessions provide consistent, fortnightly support for your students (16+), in safe spaces that offer a sense of community where participants can work on accepting all that they were, are and can become. These sessions follow the same model as our international peer support groups where different topics are explored each session through the use of therapeutic arts and thought-provoking questions.

Support sessions can be up to 90 minutes.

To provide you with a no-obligation opportunity to discover how Rain On Me can work with your students, we are happy to offer a free (up to) 90-minute session for up to 15 young people to attend. This session can be held virtually or face to face. To book your free trial click below (applicable for support groups only)

The exercises that Deep leads us through are super helpful. They can shift your thinking about your life and everybody in the group is so understanding. The support group is an incredibly positive space. Most people feel comfortable speaking up but there is never any pressure to share. I’d really recommend this group to anyone on a healing journey.


It was an absolute feeling of relief to know that many others struggle with their mental health and function. They go to work, they have friends, relationships, just like I do. But these things come with added hardships provoked by mental health issues. The activities and safe space created around you leave me feeling very peaceful. The group has truly changed my life.


About our workshops

Our workshops are for young people aged 16 and over. The following are some of the topics we cover.

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More topics we run with a similar format to the two workshops above:

  • Anger
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Negative Thoughts
  • Forgiveness - ourselves and others
  • Self-Love
  • Gratitude

Our workshops are facilitated by individuals who have lived experience. They are fully trained in Mental Health First Aid and are DBS checked. We recommend having a school counsellor/teacher present to observe workshops for participants under 18 years. They will not be required to participate.

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Accessible support for every budget

Rain On Me believes every young person deserves to have access to mental health education and an environment where they feel safe to open up about their feelings. We never want affordability to be a factor that prevents your students from accessing these workshops and support groups, which is why we have priced our services sympathetically. Prices mentioned below are subject to change depending on group size and duration of service required. If budget is a barrier, please contact us to discuss alternative partnership arrangements that may be available to your organisation.

All that is raised is invested back into sustaining our safe spaces.

  • Assembly/ Webinar Presentations for Schools/Universities - Price dependent on duration
  • Workshops - Price dependent on duration and group size
  • Support groups for schools
    Starting from £100/session for group of 15 students
  • Support groups for Universities
    Starting from £200/session for group of 15 students
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Help your students rediscover their inner strength

1. BOOK – Request a free workshop trial or book a presentation for your school, college or university.


2. SUPPORT – We’ll provide your young people with a safe space for them to share their feelings, learn self awareness and build resilience, while you observe from a distance.


3. GROW – Watch your students become empowered and find their inner strength to manage daily challenges with confidence.

Life doesn’t have to feel so tough for young people

We recognise that life is not meant to be easy but that doesn’t mean young people have to go through it alone. With support, students can feel less overwhelmed and more strengthened to overcome any hardship that comes their way. Book a workshop with Rain On Me today – because everyone deserves the chance to thrive.